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What he is trying to bring to what he does.
Enis Yücel is an international assignment photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey.
His current passion is photographing the world’s culture and places while trying to share the stories behind different personalities and destinations.
Today, he is trying to focus on his vision and developing personal projects  while doing commissioned works and organizing international and local photo tours and photography workshops.
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Enis Yücel

Enis Yücel

Photographer - Founder / Orient Exposures

Some thoughts about Enis & Photo WORKSHOPS

Inga M.

Having contacted Enis we arranged to meet and the day with Enis exceeded all of my expectations. i wanted to see the Istanbul with eyes of local, the best locations for shots and I got all of that and more. It was such a relaxed and chilled out day by the end of it I felt Enis and myself had been long lost friends. I would recommend Enis to anyone visiting Istanbul.

Inga M.RigaLatvia
Soo-Hwa Yuan

There were plenty of great photo opportunities throughout the day, and we did make many stops for our cameras.  We also made stops for relaxing lunch and tea breaks, which complemented the long day of walking very well.  Enis was always patient and helpful in guiding us, explaining things and answering questions, and we all very much enjoyed the day together as a group of photographers taking photos of the beautiful cityscapes.  Thank you, Enis, for a truly lovely day!

Soo-Hwa YuanSan FranciscoUSA
Jose De Almeida

Our guide Enis showed great knowledge not only about photography and the most interesting spots in the area, but also how to aproach our photo subjects and the results were great. Have to thank Enis for the advice and patience he showed, so necessary for us to get at ease and wait for the right click moment and also for us to admire the passion he has about his city and photography in general.

Jose De AlmeidaSetubalPortugal
Vibeke & Albert S.A.

It was a great day, where Enis opened my eyes to see motives I never before has seen as a photographic object. Enis showed us places you never have found by yourself, and he gave very good examples in composition, color and see a situation before it take place, and be prepared for “the shot

Vibeke & Albert S.A.CopenhagenDenmark

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